Charles River Sunrise

I achieved a new record time of 32 minutes for my morning commute by leaving at 6am. This afforded me the opportunity to enjoy sunrise over the Charles River during a vigorous 5 mile walk I took before breakfast. 

No Parking

I pass this small parking lot everyday on my way to lunch. The more I study the sign posted there, the more I struggle to understand almost everything about it; the font choice, the color scheme, the punctuation, the kearning.  One thing is for sure, I never, and I mean never, want to engage in a confrontation with its creator.


When I started taking photography seriously about 20 years ago, I selected a very unusual quick release camera and lens mounting system manufactured in Germany by a small inventor run business called iDeesign. When the company went out of business several years ago, I cornered the market on used sales because I liked the system so much. Apparently the rights to the design were acquired by another company and they were once again for sale. I picked up a few more sets before that company stopped selling them.  At this point, I am very confident I have the largest collection of these quick release clamps in the world.  This weekend I decided to switch to  the industry defacto quick connect system and will either find a new application for the iDeesign clamps or start selling them off.

Pumpkin Art

This pumpkin has been sitting in our kitchen for several weeks now.  Today I noticed how interesting the colors in the stem were and decided I would make it the subject of a still life. I spent the balance of the day collecting and spending money.  Three of my Craig’s List postings sold netting a total of more than $2K. I turned around and spent that on a new 27″ iMac.


We returned to Concord this afternoon so that Maya could host a Friendsgiving gathering of her high school buddies. All are doing well and they had a great time catching up. It took little persuasion to coax the women into a group photo which I hope they will look back on fondly one day.

Thanksgiving Home Coming

This year our family is having Thanksgiving dinner at my mother’s house in Schenectady, NY.  She will celebrate her 90th birthday next year and can still run circles around the rest of us. The three hour car ride was a great opportunity to learn more about what each of the kids are up to. We were joined by my sister Alissa and her family for the holiday feast and later connected with my brother Mark and his family over FaceTime and briefly with my other sister Mayela by phone.

Nico encouraged the group to learn the card game of Canasta and despite its complexity the group picked it up fairly quickly.

Having never really enjoyed card games of any type, I spent my time taking photographs of the family.

Two Takes

Cold weather and an outdoor location afforded me exactly two attempts to snap a family portrait. Given the constraints, I should be pleased with the outcome, but all I see are the opportunities to have done a better job. Those regrets aside, however, I have come to recognize how increasingly less frequent these opportunities are becoming and to make the best of them. 

Portrait Session

Rare it is these days when all three kids are in the same place at the same time. Rarer still when they allow me to rope them in for a portrait. My goal for this holiday week is to get one good family portrait and one good photo of all three children.

Bike Donations

As part of our effort to free up more space at Superpedestrian headquarters, we managed to fill a van with bicycles that will be donated to Bikes Not Bombs. Bikes Not Bombs uses the bicycle as a vehicle for social change.

Canine Commrade

Nala enjoyed some canine companionship while Jeanine hosted close friend Irene and her mother. Kobe is a big, handsome and very gentle fellow. Still, Nala was not the least bit receptive to his amorous advances.


Fiona is the daughter of one of my soccer teammates and a very close friend of Maya. She is studying nursing at UMass and is back in town for the Thanksgiving break. Her parents have just sold their home and are looking for one in Rhode Island where they are moving to be closer to family and work. We have offered to let her stay with us during the transition and hope she will take us up on the offer.

Moo Returns

Maya is back for the holiday break although we have to share her time with Caleb. She genuinely seems to be enjoying her college experience and it was nice to hear about her various projects and classes. I completed my third week at Superpedestrian feeling very good about my choice to return to work. I was able to orchestrate a shift in product strategy which I am confident will pay huge dividends down the road. Next week will busy helping the team to organize around our new direction.

Meatballs & Sprouts

Jeanine treated me to two of my favorite foods this evening. Meatballs in marinara sauce and brussel sprouts with bacon, onions and maple syrup. Admittedly this might sound like a strange combination to some but trust me when I say that it was a delicious meal. I am a very lucky man to have a wife with such amazing culinary talent.


Superpedestrian is located just a few blocks away from MIT. As has become my habit, I drive in to Cambridge very early to beat the traffic and walk from the office to one of many cafe options for breakfast. This morning I made a little detour and discovered Arcturus, a recent MIT solar car, well hidden behind a fence. I reached over the top and got a nice shot with Simmons Hall in the background.

Design Challenge

I facilitated my first all-hands meeting of the Engineering team at work today. I challenged participants to design an award winning new product in one hour.  They rose to the challenge and I was pleased to see such good collaborative and engineering skills at play.

Cambridge Public Library

This distinctive bit of artwork can be found on the facade of the Cambridge Public Library, located a 5 minute walk from the Superpedestrian office. Had I taken a wide angle photo you would have seen two homeless individuals sleeping on the concrete sidewalk below.