Winter Bridges

A wet snowfall last night and a swollen Concord River made for a beautiful scene at the Old North Bridge this morning.Shooting with my drone from about 30 feet above the water provided a perspective that will not be found in the million other photos taken of this historic landmark. I also captured a flyover video that can be watched at the following link Old North Bridge Flyover

Pictured below is Lee’s Bridge over the Sudbury River.  See if you can find the photographer in the image.

Olin Aerial

Maya has been sick for several days. She requested a decongestant and nasal spray which Jeanine and I were all too happy to hand deliver given the coupled opportunity for a short visit.  Illness aside, Maya seems to be enjoying her Olin experience very much.  Winds were very high and I was lucky to get this aerial photo without crashing my flying camera.

Heron Nest

I decided to have a peek inside a great blue heron nest since they are vacationing in Florida right now. It looks just like you would expect and I found this profile view more photographically interesting.  Winds were quite high so I did not risk getting any closer.  I was standing about a quarter mile away when I took this drone photo.

The Hyatt

I took this photo yesterday on my lunch hour.  We finally got some sunshine and I wanted to get a nice aerial shot with my new drone. This perspective was from 64 feet above the Charles River taken in very high winds.  I am quite pleased with the image quality and can’t wait for an opportunity to shoot more interesting subjects from the air.

Smiley Study

The Copenhagen Wheel that we manufacture at Superpedestrian includes a novel spoke interface to the hub which we call a smiley.  This evening I captured a set of smiley photos that will be used for quality control purposes in conjunction with the company that makes these magnesium castings for us.

The Stata

I was inspired by above freezing temperatures and a bit of sunshine to extend my usual morning walk by a couple of miles. Little doubt that this was but a brief respite from several more weeks of winter weather. Still it was nice to walk by the Charles River and to meander back through the MIT campus. Pictured above is the Stata Center, designed by American architect Frank Gehry.

All Day Rain

It rained today from dawn till dusk which was just fine by me.  A perfect excuse to enjoy the winter Olympics.  Normally, I would never spend time watching the biathlon or curling or snowboarding. Wrap it in an Olympic blanket and I am glued to the couch.   I did manage a morning workout with Jeanine, good for 4 miles on the elliptical, so I do not feel entirely guilty about my binge viewing.

Sudbury Road Bridge

I have photographed the Sudbury River from this bridge many times. For the first time, I was able to include it in the composition using my new drone. Now if I could only get the sun to cooperate. I spent close to an hour flying today and my skills have improved dramatically.  

I practiced taking off and landing from the roof of my car which proved to be very easy.  I wouldn’t say I could land on a dime but I think I could set one of the legs on a quarter if it were not too windy.

Framed Art

For the past week I have been walking past this old TV on my way to and from Central Square for breakfast and lunch. As I approached it today, I thought it might be on until I got closer and realized it had been turned into an art frame.  It put a smile on my face and led me to wonder how long the TV would remain here before someone collected it or smashed it.  Time will tell.

Maiden Flight

As the sun was starting to set, I had a chance to take my new flying camera for a test flight.  I started very cautiously until I felt confident with my piloting skills and then took photos of our house and the field behind it.  I can already tell that aerial photography is something I am going to enjoy immensely.  I apologize in advance to regular followers of this blog for the deluge of overhead photos which are likely to appear in the coming weeks.

Bumper Crop

Jeanine’s lemon tree continues to produce fruit year after year and is evokes memories of her father every time a new lemon arrives. Larry was an avid gardener and quite fond of growing lemons.

Copen Smile

With Superpedestrian’s CEO on the road, responsibility for hosting visitors from a Japanese company fell to me.  We encourage all of our guests to take a quick ride before getting down to business. Nothing beats working on a product that is guaranteed to generate smiles.  It is the universal reaction to your first ride on a Copenhagen Wheel, an experience that transcends languages and culture.

Tree Cradle

I opted for a healthy lunch today which took me to the salad bar at Whole Foods rather than on my usual trek to the calorically challenged restaurants of Central Square. On the way back I took a short cut through Alberico Park where I encountered this rather unique play structure.

The Road to Nachos

While out shopping for nacho ingredients, I drove past a couple of interesting sights worthy of a quick photo.  The chair on frozen pond is not very strong aesthetically, but I found myself wondering why it was there and trying to determine how long before the ice supporting it melts away. I may have to check up on it every couple of days to find out what happens.

I am not known for my cooking prowess and living with a veritable Top Chef does not add to my courage for experimentation. Today, however, I was determined that we should have nachos while watching the Superbowl.  With a small amount of coaching, I managed an edible, if not tasty result.  I was particularly pleased with the uniformity of the cheese distribution.

Pancake Fundraiser

Verrill Farms sponsored a pancake breakfast to benefit research for ovarian cancer.  The mother of one of their employees is battling the disease.  One of my sisters is an ovarian cancer survivor and we were happy to support the cause with a donation in her name.