Brown University

2016-08-30 110805 005

Maya and I visited Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island today, a mere 70 minute drive from Concord.  The school seems like an excellent fit for Maya and it is sure to be on her short list for applications.  A friend of hers, Sammy, from Farm & Wilderness Camp was also touring the campus with her father.  The two previously toured Yale together by arrangement.  This meeting was totally serendipitous and made the experience that much more enjoyable. The gate pictured below is opened exactly twice a year (center section). It opens inwards to welcome freshman and outwards as seniors depart graduation. It is said to be bad luck to traverse the gate more than twice in your life.

2016-08-30 111414 010

Maya, at my insistence, poses with an outdoor sculpture of dancers. Might this be the first picture of her on the grounds of the campus where she will spend four years of her life?

2016-08-30 133732 014

No.  I took several pictures of her earlier in the day and one with Sammy.  This one, however, spoke best to the mood of the day.