Santiago / Bartolomé

This morning we have arrived at Santiago’s Sullivan Bay. When the rising sun disappeared behind a low cloud ceiling, it lit up the horizon in a way I have not seen before. Our first excursion had us exploring a relatively young lava flow where we learned a great deal about the vulcanism that created the Galapagos Islands.

Even amidst the seemingly desolate rock, animal and plant life can be found everywhere. Combined with the forces of erosion, these elements will eventually turn this island into a fertile oasis similar to others in the chain.

As we were preparing to return to the boat, our guided spotted several Galapagos Penguins hunting for breakfast.  They were quite far away but I did manage to capture a pair in mid flight.

After a nice snack it was time for snorkeling, a first for Maya. Despite being a little nervous, she took to it like an otter (little surprise). Together we enjoyed an endless parade of beautiful marine life.

I used an inexpensive underwater camera to capture what I could. Flash photography is prohibited throughout the park which made it rather difficult to do justice to the vibrant colors we observed. I wore my right contact lens only so I could spot with that eye and focus the camera with my left.  With all that in mind, I feel fortunate to have gotten the shots that I did.

After lunch and a siesta we visited Bartolomé where we hiked to the highest point of the island for an incredible vista.