All Decked Out

A neat trick for perfectly spacing deck boards makes use of old business cards (in this case, Jeanine’s Contact Culture business when we lived in Indianapolis).  I slid all the deck boards to one side of the bounding mitered frame and filled the overall gap with close to 120 business cards. I then divided the number of cards by the number of boards plus one to determine that each board gap would be 7 cards wide. Each board is secured to the steel chassis with 6 self tapping metal screws. I predrilled the holes in my shop and will use matching plugs to fill them tomorrow. Maya had the pleasure of filling nail holes in the trim before leaving for Martha’s Vineyard this afternoon where she will be spending a long weekend with Caleb and his family. We spent a good part of the morning driving around Concord in search of a house to base our paint color on. Maya found two that she really liked and used a paint chip fan to match the color. Kyle has agreed to help with the tiny house build while Maya is away and will begin by painting the cedar clapboard siding that was delivered earlier in the day.