Plugging Away

I completed the tiny house deck this morning by filling the screw hole openings with 3/8″ diameter plugs cut from a scrap deck board to ensure a perfect color and texture match. The process was very time consuming as I had to bevel the ends of each of the 120 plugs by hand. This took the better part of three hours but the results were worth the effort. Maya approved subcontracting of the clapboard painting to Kyle who completed the task in 6 hours with my assistance. Over the course of painting ~1100 feet of 6″ wide boards we refined our technique considerably. Our final solution involved the use of a dishwashing soap bottle to dispense paint and 4″ wide rollers. Jeanine captured a video of our unusual but highly efficient method which I hope to add shortly.

Warm temperatures and steady wind allowed us to stage the drying boards on the drive way in two groups of 16 before moving them into the garage to protect them from tomorrow’s forecasted rain.  We painted a total of seventy 16 foot long boards.

Note to Maya:  We ran out of paint with just 6 boards to go and made it to the paint store just ahead of closing for a final quart.