Nicaragua Bound

With a third Nor’easter forecasted to dump a foot or more of snow on Concord today, my plans for a quick travel adventure could not have been better timed.  I left this afternoon for a 9 day visit to Nicaragua, flying by way of Miami (pictured above).  I arrived in Managua after dark and managed to clear customs, gather my rental car, and secure local currency in record time.  Driving here is like the rest of Central and South America, not for the feint hearted.  I took it extra slow as I adapted to the new car, local traffic “customs,” and night time navigation.  I arrived at my hotel without incident, if not thoroughly exhausted and soggy from the 97 degree temperature.  Meanwhile, Kyle is headed to Minneapolis for a visit  with his cousin Rory leaving Jeanine alone with Nala to cope with the snow.  I know this sounds bad but neither of us could have anticipated the storm and I did offer to take Jeanine to Hawaii instead but her work obligations and the duration of travel made that impractical.