The Journey Home

I returned to the Conowingo Dam a half hour before sunrise just to be sure I did not miss any of the action. It was a bright sunny morning and temperatures quickly rose into the low 50s. Most of the activity was beyond the reach of my lens and into the sun.  Once again I focused on birds flying to and from the trees on my side of the river.

By 9am I was ready to start heading towards home.  I decided I would make a quick stop in Philadelphia to take in some of the sights. It is really a delightful city.  I visited the Magic Garden, Independence Hall and waterfront where I put up the drone for a very nice citiscape.

As much as I would have liked to spend the entire day in Philly, I had to be back in Concord for soccer practice tomorrow morning. I got back on the road stopping one more time at the New Croton Dam for a little more aerial photography.  Sixteen hours of driving over the course of two and a half days was a little much but I could not be happier with my brief road trip.