I leave to rejoin the family in Indianapolis today and then we are off to Bayside camp on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. The boy in this photo (taken at Bayside two years ago) is no more. He has become a young man and I am eager to see him after 3 weeks of being apart. Unless I can locate internet access at the camp, this will be my last post for about 10 days.

Today was employee appreciation day at Avid. Among the festivities was a tug of war competition between departments. Pictured here is the team from my department which defeated 8 other team for the championship and bragging rights.

Engineering development work is characterized by slow steady progress made one day at a time. Today, however, a very significant milestone was reached on a project which has been my baby since I arrived at Avid two years ago. We successfully tested a 100 client installation run from the 64 terabyte storage system shown here (stores 512,000,000,000,000 bits of information). This system can serve up more than 500 channels of high definition video in real time. It’s performance is unmatched in the world today. In my line of work you will be lucky to get ten days like this one over the course of your entire career. I’m going to stop for ice cream on the way home tonight.

With the entire family gone I had to settle for this flower for today’s photo. I started out this evening in pursuit of a skunk which I spotted from the kitchen window. I thought it wise to get my longest telephoto lens to maintain a safe working distance. By the time I switched lenses, the skunk had moved on.

And away they go leaving me with no photographic subjects for the entire week. By the time I next see Kyle it will have been 3 weeks and I hope to still recognize him. He sent a nice letter from camp describing all the fun he was having and ended it with a request for us to mail him some Skittles and money. I can only imagine what is going to happen when he heads off for college.

Jeanine, Maya and Nico are off to collect Kyle from camp in New Hampshire, then on to Burlington, VT to pick up Susan before they head off to Indianapolis for a week long visit. I will fly out next weeek to join them and we will all head up to Lake Geneva, WI for our final Bayside camp experience.

Mother and daughter prepare breakfast in bed for Nicolai as he turns eleven today. The menu included a choclate croissant (not up to French standards according to Nico), oatmeal, strawberries, hot chocolate, and by special request an entire can of whipped cream. Presents adorn each corner of the tray and were carefully wrapped by Maya.

Maya hard at work on a craft project this morning. She is making this as a present for one of her relatives. Jeanine and the kids will be heading out to Indianapolis on Saturday leaving me to hold down the fort for a week until I join them in Indiana for our trek to Geneva, WI. Viewers should anticipate a total lack of motivation once my photographic subjects have departed.

Maya takes on Nicolai and his friend Jeremy employing superior water power to repel their attack. Please note that our midget warrior princess takes direct aim at her attackers head offering no mercy what so ever.

Maya, together with her new best friends, diving into the deep end. Although the side was very close, this was her first time in the deep end and she was very excited about the accomplishment.

Maya descending from the tree house. There is little doubt in my mind that this child is part monkey.

Nicolai has really improved his volleyball skills. Today he successfully jump served and spiked in a game. I have never had so much fun playing with him. He never ceases to amaze me.

We spent the afternoon and evening at Tom & Karen’s Fourth of July gala. Tom was my wrestling partner in high school and we are very lucky to live so close to him now. The party was fantastic, featuring fine food, swimming, volleyball, tree house climbing, and fireworks.

Julia (Christine’s daughter) and Caroline (Tom’s daughter) negotiate over a bag of chips.

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