Meanwhile, Rory and Kyle wade into one of the tide pools. Here Kyle is actually slipping and reaches up to stabilize himself upon his cousin.

Next Mario captures a star fish and decides it would enjoy a piggy back ride on the crab.

Mario, a future marine biologist for certain, captured this crab with his sandals.

Today we packed up the crew and set out for Rockport, the boys in one car with me and the girls in another with Jeanine. The girls went straight to the beach. The boys decided to go exploring first and found a rock strewn beach with plenty of tide pools.

My sister Alissa, suggesting a new surrounding color scheme to rescue the kitchen curtains which Jeanine and I dislike intensely.

Maya’s playhouse (built under the stairs to the basement, including a tiny window and door) is almost done. Rachel (visiting for the weekend with Johnny and Alissa) and Maya appear to be preparing tea.

Tonight a game of risk is the center of activity. At this moment, Rory and Nicolai are combining forces against Kyle and Mario. Ural has just fallen. Earlier this evening I had a soccer match. My team was short handed so I called to see if Kyle would be interested in playing. All four boys showed up ready to play. Kyle was the only one large enough to play and did a very respectable job against an adult team. It is the first time we played on the same team. This has been a long time dream of mine. I look forward to doing the same with Nico and Maya.

Mario selected this photo for posting because he said his mother would like his “dreamy” eyes. Please note the cream cheese deposits from the bagel which is being consumed chipmunk style (deposits in cheeks for later consumption).

It is 10PM and these boys are still eating. Rory showing off the last bite of his bagel before polishing it off.

Jeanine prepared a peanut butter cheesecake for the occasion and Maya helps place the candles. Yummy.

Mom who turned 76 yesterday models an ensemble she received as a gift.

Apparently two sandwiches were not enough for Mario who thought a frog would make a nice snack.

Dad and Mario could not be bothered with relaxation when there was the business of food to attend to.

Maya and Rachel reclining comfortably while enjoying lunch. It seems to me that expressions of such contentment should be reserved for tired parents.

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