Toe Story

Maya summed up with a single photograph. Pink painted toe nails offset by a generous coat of dirt and accented by a single white flower. Note to Mother (who is in Albany this evening): Yes these feet were washed prior to insertion of child in bed.

Balance Beam

Both boys had soccer practice this evening despite the oppressive heat and humidity. While waiting for them to finish, Maya took to the fence to work on her balance beam skills.

Barbaric Barber

Kyle needed a head shot for his soccer tryout today. They use this for their player passes. Please note the haircut. Yesterday Kyle went to the local barbershop where he received a terrible haircut (I think the worst I have ever seen). At his request the father was called upon to salvage the job. Half an hour later, Kyle emerged with a much improved version which he even thanked me for (although he did not leave a tip).

Balloon Babe

Maya secured the birthday balloons. Although she was not permitted to play dodge ball with the big dogs, she did demonstrate a much improved crawl stroke in the pool.


Nicolai executing a “rip” entry as his birthday party guests look on. Even though his birthday is not until July, we celebrated early so that all his firends could attend before leaving on their respective summer vacations. Also featured at the party was a game of dodge ball and a wood block tower building competition.


Today Maya graduated from Daisy Scout to a Brownie. Here she wears her Daisy smock for the last time. Jeanine cried tears of joy and sorrow throughout the bridging ceremony as she remembered her mother and the time they spent together in the Girl Scouts program.

The Landing

We dined al fresco overlooking a sea cove at this wonderful little place (The Landing) which definitely warrants a return visit. A fine meal with a nice sea breeze capped an otherwise hectic day. Maya scored two goals as her team remained undefeated and Nico and Kyle both emerged victorious from their matches. I finished painting the basement and completed the remaining wiring. Jeanine and Maya spent the afternoon at White pond. Maya was so tired that she put herself to bed this evening.


Found this little fellow in a tide pool. I was amazed at the abundance of life to be found in these transient aquatic neighborhoods. Ironic that Jeanine pulled me away so we could find a seafood restaurant. I could have had appetizers ready in five minutes.

Beach Walk

Jeanine and I had a date this evening. We left the kids with Amanda and headed for the ocean. Here we are strolling down the beach at Manchester by the Sea.

Cart Wheel

Maya providing half time entertainment. Please note the straight legs and powerful arms. I have no doubt that she will become a fantastic gymnast one day.

Nature Girl

Maya showing off a cocoon she discovered while at Kyle’s soccer game this evening. Kyle scored a goal helping his team to a hard fought 2-1 victory.

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