Camera Man

This morning I am the subject, courtesy of this photo taken by Maya. No surprise, I have a camera in hand. Last night I returned to duty on the soccer field (makeup game against Wellesley). The hamstring felt good and I was able to run at full tilt. A dissappointing result with a 1-1 tie but not too bad considering we remain undefeated after six games.

Inquisitive Eye

Kyle peering out of his bedroom wondering why his father is aiming a camera at him first thing in the morning. Kyle is looking more like a man every day.

Soccer Pals

Wednesday means soccer practice for Maya and her friend Sarinnagh. Never has so much toughness been packed into two little girls. Maya insisted on demonstrating a proper shoulder charge for the rest of her team. Carl is enjoying coaching the team and likes it when Maya calls him “coach”.

Digital Convert


Jeanine has taken the digital leap. She has abandoned her 48 pound paper Day Runner in favor of computer based PIM (personal information manager). Now she is after me to pick up a PDA (personal digital assistant) so she can download and go. With one glance, she now informs me that she is not getting enough exercise (the bars on her weekly calendar view for exercise time are not big enough).

Baked Delights

Kyle and Nicolai were bored this afternoon and decided to bake cookies. I must say they have become very skilled at this and the results are second to none. It was with great restraint that I limited my sample size to one and a half.

Tennis Babe

Jeanine in fine form. This photo is a few weeks old but I thought it might cheer her up while she recuperates from her tendonitus.

Finger Prints

Last night was family night and Carl did family fingerprints. We captured all five fingers of each family members right hand and compared them to each other. It was totally fascinating. Each child has one or two fingers that closely match Carl, one or two that match Jeanine, and one or two that are totally unique.

Pests or Pets

This group of deer have established their sleeping quarters in our backyard field causing a fair amount of family controversy. Nicolai would like to refine his archery skills by using them for targets. Jeanine supports this notion because they are eating the heads off all of her flowers. Maya simply wants to play with them. Normally they lay down in the tall grass with just their heads showing. Here they are standing to better observe Maya as she approaches.

Fish Lock Blooms

My injured hamstring prevented me from playing today. On the way home from the game I stopped at the Wellesley Fish Locks where the most interesting photo opportunity was of these blooms.

Tough Match

Kyle recouperating after a tough match. He played 90 minutes and dominated the midfield serving up dozens of passes to the front line. Even in defeat he was courageous to the end and never gave up.

Bar Mitzvah Bound

Nicolai was invited to accompany Greg to a friend’s bar mitzvah. Both boys resisted this effort to photograph them dressed in something other than a soccer uniform.

Vermont Visitors

Susan and Rose have come down for the weekend. They are being treated/tortured with a soccer trifecta. Maya scored two goals and was delighted to have her aunts, parents and brothers present.

Master Archer

Nicolai has recently announced that he wishes to take archery lessons and he is practicing in the back yard. Maya willingly retreives the arrows for him.

Humble Beginnings

A little snack before dinner.

I would have never imagined that this modest initial posting to my newly created blog would mark the beginning of a daily posting ritual that has produced a rich family history and kept us connected with loved ones, near and far.

This website is dedicated to sharing, with family and friends, the day-to-day adventures of the Calabria family.