Treasure Hunt

Maya scoured the beach each day and collected many treasures including sand dollars (only the dead ones), various sea shells and rocks.

Reigning Champ

Nicolai posing with the highly coveted “Elephant” trophy on which his name is now engraved for last year’s croquet tournament win.

Yellow Beard

Nicolai demonstrating proper corn shucking technique or rather his significant displeasure with this very tedius task (they had to feed the entire camp).


Carl got up early each morning and went in search of photo ops. This is the seaside village of Scarsborough.


Frank helped pass the time before dinner arrived by lending his nose to Maya who attempted to remove it from his face during some kind of game they had invented.

Grand Pair

Angela and Maya snuggling at dinner on our first night out. We went to a local sea food restaurent which was only mediocre.

Top Gun

Jeanine was in fine form and made it all the way to the tournament finals with some unbelievable clutch shots. Nicolai unceremoniously dispatched his father’s team (which had survived two 90 minute, come from behind wins) only to be defeated by his mother who avenged her loss to him last year.

Croque Monsieur

Kyle took little time to begin honing his croquet skills for the big tournament. Last year Kyle took a rather casual approach to the game. This year he was determined to defeat all opponents. His accuracy was greatly improved as was his power. He took particular joy from smashing his father’s ball into the next galaxy.

Nice Dig

Nicolai quickly organized a volleyball match and proceeded to demonstrate much improved technique from last year. During day one, we were forced to play with a herniated ball which added an interesting spin to the game.