After dinner, my dad, Kyle, Nicolai, and I had a boy’s night out. We watch the New England Revolution soccer team defeat Colorado 3-1. It was the first time either my dad or Nicoali had been to a professional soccer match. It is hard to say who was more excited. Posted by Picasa

Nicolai was in action as well and is pictured here executing a very nice flick on. He had one assist and layed off several beautiful passes that teammates failed to finish. Posted by Picasa

My standard pumpkin rule was enforced (you have to be able to carry your own pumpkin). Maya left little margin with her selection. Posted by Picasa

Our neighbor Kathy grew a crop of pumpkins this year and was kind enough to offer the girls (Maya with her friend Julie) the pick of the patch. Posted by Picasa

Maya did not lack for spectators. My mom and dad laugh it up with Jeanine over the antics on the field. Posted by Picasa

Still a little gun shy after sustaining a bloody nose earlier in the season Maya was back in action earlier this morning. Her team won decisively. Posted by Picasa

When I returned home I was treated to another cake made by Jeanine and Maya as well as rice pudding (my favorite desert) delivered from Schenectady by my parents who are visiting for the weekend. Can you guess how old I am? Posted by Picasa

The cake was extremely welcome as I had been so busy all day that I had missed lunch entirely. Posted by Picasa

Today is my birthday and my colleagues surprised me with a soccer themed party. As I walked unsuspectingly into the board room, I was pelted by a variety of miniature soccer balls. Posted by Picasa

No matter what kind of beating I take at work, I can survive anything knowing I have this to come home to. Posted by Picasa

I made a day trip to NYC to visit with ABC execs. On August 14th a glitch in our equipment caused Good Morning America to go black for 10 seconds. As the head of engineering I get to answer for this. Not one of the responsibilities I enjoy much. Posted by Picasa

Kyle’s team won their match today by a score of 2-0. Here he unleashes a very strong shot on goal which went slightly wide. Earlier in the game he scored the opening goal in a one on one with the goalie. My team cruised to a 3-0 win against a very tought opponent. Unfortunately, I tweaked my right hamstring and may miss a game or two while it heals. Posted by Picasa

Yesterday Maya asked if I would build her a canopy bed for her American Girl doll, Elizabeth.
Maya helped me with the construction and did most of the painting herself. This morning we tried it on for size. Posted by Picasa