Hare Today

Another backyard critter. I have seen this guy before but this is the first time I’ve been able to catch him. Not very happy with the photo so I will be after him again.

Lime Squeezing

The squeezing of the limes. This operation lasted for several minutes and I believe every ounce of juice was extracted. I was allowed to sample the finished concoction and it was quite good.

Lime Seltzer

Gregoire spent the night and is seen here this morning with Nicolai preparing a custom mix of lime and seltzer water.

Maya’s Path

“Maya’s Path” The first step is for love, the second is for the heart, and the third is for happiness. The Kobos’ added this path to their garden specifically so Maya could come and visit.


A pre-breakfast Monopoly game including Nico’s sleep over guest Jeremy. It is hard to tell who was winning at this point, but Nicolai seemed to be amassing the most property.

Baby Tooth

Nico curled up on the couch this evening enjoying “A Series of Unfortunate Events” with his friend Jeremy who is sleeping over. During the movie he extracted one of his last baby teeth and immediately forbid me from photographing it. One day after the close of the spring soccer season, Carl played his first game of the summer season in the Open Division. His team played a man short against a much younger team with a roster of 20 players and managed to squeak out a 2-1 win despite another day of grueling temperatures. Winning is nice, but beating a team of young bucks makes up for all the aches and pains.

White Pond

Upon completion of a date night dinner at Dino’s, Maya declared she wished to go “exploring.” After determining she understood the meaning of the word, we embarked on a search for the elusive White Pond. I am the only member of the family who has never been to the pond (in Indiana this would be called a lake or reservoir). Typical of New England is the total lack of signage or the slightest clue to demarcate the entrance. We used the navigation system to systematically try every road which approached the pond. Finally, we came upon an unmarked road behind a strawberry field which did not show up on the navigation system. Maya made a bee line for the beach and began sand castle construction. We were not permitted to leave until the moat was completed.

Magnetic Wall

Maya takes care of her own breakfast this morning as the boys prepare for a full day of soccer. Our magnetic art wall has worked out very nicely and our featured artist this month is Maya. A mixed day for the Calabria men on the soccer pitch made unpleasant by record high heat and humidity. Nicolai’s team lost twice, Kyle’s won twice (Kyle with the lead off goal) securing a first place finish in the Commissioner’s Cup, and Carl’s team dropped a close 2-1 decision in the Divisional finals finishing in second place for the second year. Jeanine is making the five hour round trip to drop off Kyle at camp, Maya is learning to spell on the computer, and Nico and Carl alternate between moving slowly and sleeping off the effects of today’s games.

Cool Hat

Jeanine was by far the most fashionable soccer mom at the Commissioner’s Cup tournament. It was so hot that I had no desire to photograph the boy’s playing (that’s a first).

In The Shade

Maya and her little friend underneath a huge umbrella to protect them from the sun while they watch the boy’s soccer tournament in 95F temperatures. Kyle’s team won 3-1 and Nico’s team dropped a tough 2-1 loss. Nico took a free kick late in the game and served up a perfect cross which the forwards failed to convert.

Summer Vacation

Nicolai supervising his mother as the planting continues. This is the first day of summer vacation for the kids and I am sure they will have worn Jeanine ragged by the time I return from work.