The girls by contrast were much more relaxed and took the time to chat with the parental units. Posted by Picasa

Kyle hosted a pizza party this evening and his friends stopped in between rounds of trick-or-treating. This photo was taken on our front porch and has not been retouched in anyway. Half of the kids in the background were airborn when I snapped the shutter. Posted by Picasa

Kyle’s friend Alex was locked out of her house so she stayed at our place until her parents got home. I was experimenting with some new lighting equipment and was able to coerce these guys into posing for me. Posted by Picasa

Nicolai and his friends organize their Halloween haul before launching into a NY Stock Exchange style trading frenzy. Undesirable candy was offered to the father. Posted by Picasa

When asked to change her nice clothes before working on her Halloween pumpkin, Maya opted to go topless (a behavior that will need careful monitoring in the future). Each year we struggle with pumpkin carving tools that are designed around child safety rather than cutting efficiency. This year, after Maya traced out her design, we went to the basement and used an in-line pneumatic reciprocating saw to make quick work of the job. It took less time to carve the entire pumpkin than to write this account. Posted by Picasa

Although the rain stopped today, the wind was insane. On the way to and from my soccer match we passed numerous downed power lines and cars damaged by fallen trees. When we drove by the first time, the trunk of a tree, about three feet in diameter, was laying across the top of three cars. When I returned with my camera the tree had been removed and two of the cars had been towed away. The wind was gusting to 55 mph which made for interesting soccer. You don’t often see a goal kick reverse direction in mid-flight. My team battled to a 0-0 tie against a good team. Kyle’s team did not fare as well losing 2-0. Maya and I drove to Manchester, NH to pick up Jeanine who had been driven there by Susan and Rose. It is nice to have her back; we had real food for diner. Posted by Picasa

Kyle sporting his new team jersey. Weather permitting both he and I will be in action tomorrow. When he goes to bed tonight, I am going to see if the jersey fits me. I look good in black and it already has my name on it. Posted by Picasa

We are now members at the Beede Center pool. It is a brand new fitness facility located across from the high school the children will be attending. Maya with her teacher and class are pictured in the upper right corner of this photo. Posted by Picasa

This morning I took Maya to her swimming lesson. All soccer games for the day have been cancelled due to relentless rain. Last night, Kyle had friends Seth and BenT spend the night. Sometime after 11PM, the boys made a batch of brownies. When I went down for breakfast this morning, I found half of the pan remaining. I cooked eggs for all the kids and they had the rest of the brownines for desert. Jeanine, enjoying herself in Vermont, has abdicated all rights to criticize my dietary selections. Posted by Picasa

Jeanine returned to Vermont with Susan this morning so I have the kids for the weekend. After rounding them all up (Kyle had 2 soccer games, Nico had soccer practice, and Maya was on a play date), we went to the Concord-Carlisle football game. The boys went their own way connecting with friends. Maya and I hung out together and I explained the rules of the game. I had assumed Maya would grow bored within minutes. On the contrary, she was totally engrossed with the game, the bands, and the crowds. Fortunately the third quarter ended coincident with her bedtime and I was able to drag her away under this statute. In this photo, Maya is the small object standing at the fence.Posted by Picasa

Today is “Spooky Trail” at work. Kids of all the employees come to work and enjoy a variety of halloween activities. Pictured here is one of the entrants in the pumpkin carving contest. Posted by Picasa

Nicolai created a beautiful pepperoni pizza. After dinner we spent hours watching home videos of the kids when they were small. Posted by Picasa

Each child had their own techniques for spreading the dough. Nicolai made a thick crust, Aunt Susan went ultra-thin while I opted for a calzone. Posted by Picasa

This evening was make your own pizza night. Jeanine prepared the dough and each member of the family got to create their own pizza. Posted by Picasa