Jeanine picked up a couple of live lobsters for dinner. Maya and I did some claw strength testing and can highly recommend keeping digits you favor out of range. Posted by Picasa

Nicolai coaches Kyle on the finer points of using the release mechanism. Maya is eyeing the bow as well. It won’t be too long before she gets into the act. Nicolai has been given permission to shoot chipmunks (they make for a tough target and we would be happily rid of them). Posted by Picasa

Nicolai was able to put several arrows in the center circle from 20 yards. From 30 yards he kept every arrow on the target. He ruined one of his new arrows when he shot the feathers off it with a second arrow (Robin Hood style). Posted by Picasa

Rather than spending $80 on a target, Nicolai and I built this one in less than an hour with scraps. We made a sandwich of styrofoam insulation, 2-layers of old floatation cushion, and 2-layers of carpeting on a plywood base with hinged legs. It works perfectly. Posted by Picasa

Nicolai gave his new bow a workout this morning. His Unlce Mark must have provided some incredible training because his accuracy and consistancy is unbelievable. Posted by Picasa

Maya models the night gown and matching slippers that her Aunt Lauren made for her. Maya and the rest of the family can feel the love that went into this present everytime she wears it. Posted by Picasa

And then there were two. Due to concerns over loneliness of the first pig we now have a second pig which belongs to Nicolai. Maya has named her pig “Shivers” (white one) and Nicolai has named his “Wood Chip”. Both are boys so I am hoping the family does not get any bigger. Posted by Picasa

Nicolai’s big present was a compound bow that was carefully selected by his Uncle Mark. I am seriously concerned for the safety of all squirrels in the neighborhood. Posted by Picasa

Nicolai does his best tough guy impression to go with a toy he has converted into a helmet/head gear. Posted by Picasa

Maya’s big present this year was a baby guinea pig. Other than a horse (which is never going to happen) nothing could have made this child happier. Maya is a little nature girl just like her mother and loves all sorts of critters. Posted by Picasa

Sophia (distant cousin from Sweden) has joined us for Christmas. After playing some of her concert pieces for Sophia, Maya has begun giving her lessons. Posted by Picasa

It did not take long for Aunt Susan to get pulled into a craft activity with the kids. Posted by Picasa