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I began my career with Bell Laboratories in 1980, working primarily in the area of advanced computer graphics where I championed development of the world’s first VRAM (Video Random Access Memory) collaborating with Western Electric on architecture and device specifications.

Four years later, I co-founded the EPICenter (Electronic Photography and Imaging Center), an “intrapreneurial” division of AT&T where I was responsible for the architecture and digital hardware design of three generations of videographic cards for the burgeoning personal computer industry. In 1986 I was promoted to the Manager of Research and Development, responsible for strategic product planning and engineering management.

In 1987 I co-founded Truevision through a management buy-out of the EPICenter from AT&T.  I served as co-President/CEO and Director of Engineering until 1990 when I became Executive Vice President of Engineering and Chairman of the Board. The privately held manufacturer of videographic boards for personal computers grew rapidly to $33M in revenues.

My work was recognized by Videography magazine which identified me as the “Father of Desktop Video” and I accepted an Emmy award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for pioneering work in the field of computer based video.

Truevision was acquired by RasterOps, a publicly held manufacturer of graphics accelerator cards and monitors for Apple computers in 1992. I stayed on as Executive Vice President of Engineering and was eventually named Chief Technical Officer serving in that capacity until the company was acquired by Pinnacle Systems in 1999.

At Pinnacle Systems, a manufacturer of video editing software and broadcast video production systems, I served as both the General Manager of the company’s OEM business unit and the VP of Engineering for the Broadcast Video Division. The OEM business unit led six others in profitability and I secured several high profile customers including Sony, Panasonic and Avid.

In 2003 I was recruited to Avid Technology, a video, audio, and 3D animation software/hardware company. I was hired as the VP of Hardware Engineering and soon after was promoted to VP of Engineering with a staff of 550 distributed over 13 locations and 3 continents. During my tenure, the company released several editing workstations for personal, broadcast and film studio workflows as well as a revolutionary and widely acclaimed shared media storage server.

I moved into the consumer electronics field in 2008 when I joined Sonos, a manufacturer of wireless music systems for the home as the VP of Product Development. The company introduced its first touch screen controller, first iPhone app and first “cloud speaker,” the Play:5 on my watch.

When approached by iRobot in 2010, I jumped at the opportunity to join the leader in practical robotic solutions as its Senior VP of Product Development for their Home Robots division. Two years later I was promoted to Senior VP of Engineering for the entire company, managing an organization of 220 with responsibility for program management, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, systems engineering and industrial/user experience design. During my tenure, the Home Robots division grew from being non-profitable to generating 95% of the company’s revenue and over $55M in net operating income.

I joined Markforged in 2015 as the EVP of Engineering and Operations reporting to the CEO and responsible for mechanical, electrical, software, materials, operations, quality and customer service. The company manufactures a 3D printer which embeds continuous strands of carbon fiber, Kevlar, or fiberglass in a nylon substrate to create printed parts of exceptional strength.  On my watch the company overcame its inability to manufacture carbon fiber filament, developed a second generation printer and more than doubled the size of the engineering team.

I left Markforged in an attempt to retire early, traveling to a dozen countries and more than half the US states over the course of the next year. Unable to completely decouple myself from the high tech industry,  I eventually began  part-time consulting for a number of Boston startups and early stage tech companies.  This slippery slope ultimately led to the end of my “retirement” when I accepted, in 2017, a position as the VP of Engineering  for Superdepestrian, makers of the Copenhagen Wheel. This rear wheel replacement transforms an ordinary bicycle into a human/electric powered hybrid offering the rider seamless access to increased range and speed. The company seeks to provide planet-friendly, urban mobility solutions at a time when city transportation infrastructure cannot keep pace with population growth.

I graduated, summa cum laude, from Union College in 1980, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and in 1981, a Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

I have served on the Board of Directors of Truevision, Inc., RasterOps, Inc., Cinetal, Inc., VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association), CCTV (Concord Carlisle TV) and am currently the Vice President of the AASA (American Amputee Soccer Association) and sit on the Advisory Board of SideStix Ventures and Phiar.


Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel

Markforged Mark Two

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iRobot Roomba 980

Roomba 980

iRobot Roomba 880
iRobot Roomba 880 8

iRobot Scooba 450

iRobot Scooba 450 3

iRobot uPoint


iRobot 110 FirstLook


iRobot 710 Kobra

iRobot 710 Warrior 5

iRobot AVA 500

Ava 500 4

Sonos Play:5


Sonos Connect:Amp


Sonos Connect


Sonos Controller 200


Avid Symphony


Avid Mojo & Nitris

Mojo and Nitris



Avid ISIS Rack

isis RACK

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Liquid

Pinnacle Liquid

Pinnacle Cinewave

Pinnacle Cinewave

Truevision TARGA 3300



Truevision HUB3 ASIC

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Truevision Vidi/o


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