This evening I helped Nicolai to prepare an eBay listing to sell this microscope. Nico and I worked together to set up the product shot and we were both quite pleased with the result. It is actually more difficult than you might expect to arrange all the items in a visually pleasing way. Nico has a great eye for composition. Posted by Picasa

On the way home today we travelled by way of Route 2 to avoid traffic. Although it adds about an hour to the trip, the scenery is magnificent and despite grousing from the children I made several stops to enjoy it. Posted by Picasa

Alissa returned from shopping with a bright pink pair of vibrating slippers. You read that correctly. Battery operated, vibrating pink slippers. Despite serious teasing (not much imagination required), Alissa could not be parted from her new found foot joy. Posted by Picasa

My nephew Johnny looking more like a man every time I see him. He is taller than his mother and is nearly as tall as Kyle. Posted by Picasa

I have vivid childhood memories of watching the locks operate. Unfortunately, today there was no traffic on the river and we could only image what it was like. Posted by Picasa

The lock allows boats to traverse the 20 ft. transition between the top and bottom of the falls. Posted by Picasa

Thanksgiving dinner was truly a feast and thoroughly enjoyable. The children, subject to minor coercion, cleared the table and did the dishes which allowed the adults to relax after the meal. There was a lot to be thankful for this year but most importantly, my parent’s return to good health. Posted by Picasa

On a smaller scale here is the Japanese style lantern and bonasi shrub that greats visitors to my parent’s home. Posted by Picasa

This year for Thanksgiving we traveled to Schenectady, NY to celebrate the holiday with my parents, sister Alissa, and her family. Jeanine and I went for a walk on the campus of my alma mater, Union College and I captured an image of the Nott Memorial, the campus landmark. Posted by Picasa

In addition to a trophy for the team, each player received a champion’s tee-shirt and this engraved mug. I possessed it for less than 2 hours before Maya convinced me to donate to her emerging collection of glass objects. Posted by Picasa

This morning, my team won the Division 2 Championship with a 1-0 win over Marblehead. It was a sweet win and the best finish for our team since it was formed. This brings the fall outdoor season to an end and leaves us the entire winter to prepare for a what is sure to be a very difficult spring scheulde. Posted by Picasa