Maya’s teacher Sally presents her with a bouquet and certificate. Maya’s concert included twenty songs all committed to memory. Posted by Picasa

Very serious business this piano playing. Here mother and daughter playing a duet together. Posted by Picasa

Today was Maya’s big piano recital. All of her friends and their parents attended. She did a fantastic job and really seemed to enjoy herself despite the pressure. Jeanine and my mother have been busy bees preparing for the follow on reception. I have been in charge of cutting things. First, Maya’s hair this morning, then a piano foot stool with 30 minutes before the opening piece. Posted by Picasa

Mom is visiting for the weekend to attend Maya’s big piano recital and appears here to be doing her best Koala bear impression. Nicolai had a MRI today which was not much fun. He was a tough little man though, endured the 40 minute, ear numbing procedure without a single complaint. He emerged from the huge machine sweat soaked and starving. He later devoured a huge burrito in the time it took me to unwrap mine. Posted by Picasa

I pass this view of the Concord River everyday on my way to work. Today with the fresh snow fall it was too beautiful to pass by. Posted by Picasa

Just finished a two day trip to LA and SanFran. Two hour delay out of Logan due to snow (with the distinction of being the last flight out before they closed the airport for the rest of the morning.) Had a good seat with a relatively clean window. Posted by Picasa

Just hangin’ out in her room. Maya has now requested that I give her an official haircut “with bangs”. I have had a lot of practice with the boys, but must admit some trepidation about shearing Maya’s mane. I have decided to outsource the initial cutting to a professional and will observe carefully so that I can handle future work. Posted by Picasa

Kyle steals the ball and makes a break-away, left-handed layup helping his team to a decisive victory over Revere. Posted by Picasa

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Maya pushing friend Meg around as part of her ice skating lesson. Jeanine attended Kyle’s basketball game which was a very close contest. Kyle scored 10 points and helped his team to a 2 point victory. Nicoali organized an AirSoft game with the neighborhood kids and got a lot of fresh air taking advantage of the very moderate temperatures we are having.

I had a day trip to Montreal today. On approach, I noticed this very interesting building. I am guessing it is a prison and will have to check it out on Google Earth. Posted by Picasa

Every morning Maya spends time with Shivers. Today he did a little underground exploring. Posted by Picasa