The trip to Martha’s Vineyard was thoroughly enjoyed by the entire family and will certainly will be a repeat summer destination.

Maya and Sachi returning from our final lighthouse after defying the “No Trespassing” sign.

On the way to Gay Head, Eric took time out to escort a huge snapping turtle off the road. This took a great bit of courage as this turtle demonstrated why it is called a snapping turtle. I have no doubt that he could have liberated a digit in one quick bite.

Eric and I wandered into the traditional boat building shop of Gannon & Benjamin. One of the craftsman took timeout to explain some of the materials and techniques used in their shop.

Martha’s Vineyard also features several wild turkeys which I was lucky enough to sneak up on.

On the way home I was able to get a shot of the Osprey that nests at the entrance to the parking lot. I estimate his wingspan was three feet.

Football was the other major passtime. Despite the great defensive effort by Kyle, Nico completes the reception for a touchdown.

Between excursions into the ocean sand construction was the order of the day. Nicolai sitting neck deep in a hole he excavated.

Jeanine was in the water for less than a minute before being totally knocked off her feet.