A parting image of Maine as I head back to Massachusetts for a soccer match at Easton. The heat was brutal and the field was terrible. No one played well, but we managed to come away with a 1-0 win secured by a goal in the last 10 minutes. Posted by Picasa

Here we paddle past a fine Double Crested Cormorant drying its wings. Posted by Picasa

Later in the day, Jeanine, Maya and I kayaked out to a small island about 1 mile off shore. We were treated to dozens of seals popping their heads up and splashing around the kayak. Here is a pup checking us out from his perch on the rocky beach. Posted by Picasa

Here is the plunge. This one is rare because he had just flown to this location and his wings were still spread. Usually they strike with their wings folded. Posted by Picasa

I spent more than an hour early this morning following this Great Egret as he enjoyed breakfast on the marsh. These birds are simply amazing. This one could catch a fish every five minutes and his miss rate was zero. Posted by Picasa

Maya and Maddison win the sand castle building contest with their “kitty” castle. Posted by Picasa

Jeanine seems to be happiest when preparing food for 250 people. Here she is getting started on a wonderful meat sauce. Posted by Picasa