Maya and her friend Julie preparing to make their trick-or-treat excursion. Maya ran almost the entire route leaving the father exhuasted. She did not fall for the “do you want me to carry your candy ploy” nor did she feel compelled to offer me candy in exchange for the protection from swamp monsters I provided all evening. Posted by Picasa

After an early snow yesterday, today turned out to be a glorious fall day. Jeanine spent some time in the garden and Carl spent a little time leaf peeping. Posted by Picasa

The day started and is ending now with Maya reading to her mother. Both boys lost soccer matches today. Carl’s team had a 5-0 win and needs only one more victory to win their division. It was Jeanine’s family night and the theme was charity. Each child was asked to select a charity and decide how much they wished to contribute from their own money. Next all three were asked to select a single charity they could all agree on for a family charity. At the time of this writing consensus on this point remains unachieved. Posted by Picasa

We had the first snow of the season today. First time I’ve seen our burning bush at peak color covered in snow.

Kyle started his indoor season this evening. He scored FIVE goals to lead his team to a 5-2 win. His team had no subs and Nicolai was called into action. He was so proud to be playing with Kyle and played one of his best games ever with a beautiful assist to his brother. Hard for a father to be prouder of his boys. Posted by Picasa

Halloween preparations are underway. Maya is carving her own pumpkin this year. Posted by Picasa

Nicolai played his first indoor game this season. His team won 6-3 and he had two assists. Nico is well suited to indoor because of the shorter distances. Here he handles a header nicely. Posted by Picasa

Maya and friend Lydia getting ready for a Halloween party at school. Photo by Nicolai. Posted by Picasa

Couldn’t resist this shot on the drive home from the train station. Still no great fall color this year so I am having to turn my attention elsewhere. Posted by Picasa

I returned from NYC by train and grabbed this shot through the window. Fantastic cloud formations formed by the remnants of hurricane Wilma. Posted by Picasa

My brother Mark had a baby today! Well, technically, Marie did most of the work. Sophia (6 pounds, 2 ounces, 19″) was delivered by emergency C section a couple of weeks early. Mother and daughter are doing magnificently. Maya, who to the best of my knowledge has never written anything before, composed a 4 page letter to Sophia. I videotaped her reading the letter and I must remember to play it for her cousin in a couple of years. We are thrilled that they got a little girl. We love our boys so much, but I can’t imagine our lives having been complete without Maya. Posted by Picasa