Kyle with childhood friend Andrew who is visiting us with his father. The two are here to check out boarding schools in the Boston area. Kyle and Andrew were part of the “fab four” on their elementary school chess team. Now both have traded in their chess boards for a basketballs. Posted by Picasa

As the sun began to set I had two tired climbers on my hands. Everyone slept soundly on the drive home after we enjoyed a great meal at the Greenery. Posted by Picasa

Sara, not realizing we would be rock climbing, wisely elects to stay back rather than risk climbing in high heel boots. Posted by Picasa

Maya and Nicolai were determined to climb out to the end of this rock jetty. Maya, dwarfed by the stones, was relentless in her determination to go all the way to the end. Nicolai quickly abandoned his crutches and hopped, stone to stone , all the way out and back. Posted by Picasa

Sara was interested in seeing the ocean so we set out for Rockport. The tourist season has not yet begun so we had the place to ourselves. Posted by Picasa

On the way to the game we discussed the importance of capturing action, keeping the ball in the frame and showing the face of the player. Here he nails all elements as I am tripped from behind. Posted by Picasa

Nicolai has taken some interest in sports photography and I would not be suprised if one day he finds a way to make a little money shooting the local teams and selling prints to parents. Posted by Picasa

Nicolai came to my soccer game this morning and was good enough to photograph me in action. Posted by Picasa

Maya lost her second tooth this morning or rather her father was enlisted to perform an extraction. So skillful was he, that the patient did not realize the operation had been completed until the tooth was presented for her inspection. Posted by Picasa

Jeanine and Kyle are in Virginia for a soccer tounament this weekend. Sara, Maya and I visited Harvard this afternoon. Posted by Picasa

Tonight Maya and friend Julie performed a piano-violin duet in the Willard Talent Show. They were flawless in front of an audience of 600. Posted by Picasa

After viewing this picture, Maya observed that she had big lips. The ensuing conversation regarding the merits of big lips was quite interesting and ended with her conclusion that they were good for kissing her daddy. Subsequent experimentation confirmed the hypothesis. Posted by Picasa

Every morning I come downstairs to find Maya snuggling with one of her pigs (guinea). Despite my initial trepidation about the pigs I have come to like them myself. As luck would have it, this morning we saw a news story about an English breeder who has created a miniature pig (real pig) which Maya was eyeing with some desire. Two days ago Maya brought home a baby fish in a plastic bag. The “fish” was barely a quarter of an inch long. When it momentarily appeared as though it had perished during the transfer to a larger container, Maya cried inconsolably despite having known it for less than an hour. Fortunately the fish was not dead and we have added another pet to the menagerie. Posted by Picasa