There were butterflies everywhere. I counted at least 8 different species. This is my first photograph of one in the wild and I was fortuante to get a bee in the frame as well. Posted by Picasa

The horses were scared to cross the water in the foreground. Mark offered to help by tempting them with a sugar cube. Here they receive their reward. Posted by Picasa

Marie is not like the rest of us. She was the only adult to brave the icy water and taught the kids a thing or two about body surfing. I believe Irish people have a different kind of blood that makes them impervious to emersion in bone chilling liquid. Posted by Picasa

Sophia under the supervision of her papa and the protection of her sun hat had her first exposure to the ocean. Posted by Picasa

Naturally, the water was freezing but this was of little consequence to the kids and Marie. Posted by Picasa

Today we enjoyed a rare opportunity. Our good friend Aliza and son Win invited us to join them on thier private beach. Most of the Maine coastline is rocky so this massive sand beach is quite an exception. The slope of the beach is so shallow that the waterline shifts by several hundred yards between low and high tide. Posted by Picasa