The new job is consuming every waking second. Another photo from my archives inspired by an article from my father-in-law which presented some great ariel photography. Photo taken on approach to Washington-Dulles airport. Posted by Picasa

Today I was promoted to VP of Engineering. I am now responsible for 500 engineers (some of whom are pictured here) spread over Tewksbury MA, Montreal CAN, Rochelle Park NJ, Madison WI, Edmonton CAN, Indianapolis IN, Boulder CO, Mountain View CA, Munich GER, and Gainsville FL. Needless to say I am going to be a busy camper for the next several weeks (today was a 14 hour day in the office) but I will try to keep up the daily routine. No chance to get the camera out today so this is an archived photo from last summer. Posted by Picasa

Cousin Rachel licking the syrup off the umbrella that came with her order of Jeanine’s special chocolate chip pancakes. Posted by Picasa

Cousin Johnny played with Kyle’s indoor soccer team this evening. Both boys scored and both made assists to each other. Nicolai joined the game with just minutes to go and it was fantastic seeing all three cousins playing together on the same squad and bringing home the win. Posted by Picasa

Angela demonstrating the finer points of scrabble strategy during a game with Kyle, Nico, and Johnny. Posted by Picasa

Rachel and Maya have been playing a game in which Maya is a tiger and Rachel is the owner. Posted by Picasa

We were very fortunate this year to be joined by my parents, sister, and her family who braved snow and traffic to be together with us. Posted by Picasa

This year Jeanine tried a new method for preparing the turkey and it was out of this world. Posted by Picasa

Nicolai took full responsibility for making the butter horn rolls this year. I for one am looking forward to sampling his work. Posted by Picasa

I usually associate the season’s first snow with Christmas rather than Thanksgiving. Maya took no time whatsoever to fashion this snowperson. Posted by Picasa

Maya getting ready for Thanksgiving. Actually, she was playing with my chef hat from work. Each year, Avid execs serve a Thanksgiving day meal to the employees. I was in charge of mashed potatoes and green beans this year. The kids are always humored when I assume any role which has to do with the preparation of food. Posted by Picasa

Although I am still sidelined with an injury, my team played today for the division championship and emerged victorious. It was a terrific game which we won in a penalty kick shoot out. It was a fantastic way to end the season.

Later in the day Maya and I attended our first father daughter dance. We had the best time and I only wish I had a photograph of us dancing together. Posted by Picasa

Today I was privileged to photograph this brave young lady as a favor for her father who is a colleague of mine. It is rare to look though the viewfinder and see grace on the other side. Today that is what I saw.

After our session, her dad took this photo of us. Jeanine said it was the best one of the day. Posted by Picasa

Maya and her friend Julie playing bingo at Willard Family Fun Night. Apparently it is more fun when you win. Nicolai went to the new Harry Potter film with friend Chloe and Kyle spent a quiet evening at home nursing his sore noggin. Posted by Picasa