The magnificent jaguar. A fitting last chapter of a coming of age adventure with Kyle that will linger in both our memories forever.Posted by Picasa

On our last day we venture out to the Belize zoo which is located in the jungle and features only native species. Some animals run free (sticking around for the food) and the rest have minimal pens. Posted by Picasa

Our return to Belize City is a 3-hour journey and this time we have some 20 odd passengers compared to 12 on the way out. Fortunately the boat is much bigger and the waves much smaller resulting in a much less traumatic journey back to the main land. Our last night is spent in the Biltmore Plaza Hotel where we all race for our first hot, fresh water showers in a long time. The evening culminates with an exceptional meal at a Chinese restaurant (a nice change of pace from a weeks worth of Belizian fare). Posted by Picasa

All of the activities in the ocean are exhasting and a lot of time is spent resting in the hammock palapas. Posted by Picasa

The wind is your friend when midday temperatures soar. This morning they are brisker than usual averaging about 30 mph. Posted by Picasa

Friday evening translates to the Long Caye Talent Show. Jes and (the other) Gray treat us to music that was nothing short of fantastic. Kyle and I wisely decide not to traumatize the other guests with our attempts at singing. I should add, however, that each night after volleyball, despite being percussionally challenged, I participated in a drum circle.