On the final leg of their vacation, Jeanine and Maya traveled with Lauren to Chicago where they spent time with Aunt Karen. The highlight of the trip was a visit to American Girl Place (1 of three in the country) where Maya adopted Elizabeth pictured here. The group enjoyed a tea party as part of the “experience.” Maya insisted on introducing me to Elizabeth herself and wanted the entire affair kept secret until they returned. Posted by Picasa

While visiting with Jeanine’s dad the kids did a little fishing off the dock. Posted by Picasa

Although the date is out of sequence I am adding this photo from earlier in the month picturing the kids with Jeanine’s Aunt Barbara and Uncle Walter. Posted by Picasa

The fast shutter speed fails to convey the speed at which these cars were moving. Here we have a rare moment when all three are vying for position in one of the hairpin corners. Posted by Picasa

On the way to the airport (I am returning to Boston while Jeanine remains in Indy with the kids for another week) we stopped by to see Kyle racing with his childhood buddy, Tucker(yellow car), who is also visiting Indy from south Carolina. Little suprise that Kyle’s smile was biggest when his car was in direct contact with others contrary to rules of the track. Posted by Picasa

Bradley was celebrating his second birthday and correctly identifies the letters of the alphabet on his toy computer for Nicolai. Posted by Picasa

Yesterday was consumed with business, but today I returned to Indianapolis for a Board of Directors meeting for a small company called Cinetal. After the meeting I got a chance to visit with Bradley, Gabriel’s son, for only the second time. Posted by Picasa

Regretably, my vacation has come to an end and this evening I flew to Madison, WI to resume my business travels. My flight was delayed on the tarmac in Chicago causing me to miss my connection and I did not arrive in Madison till well after midnight. On the way to my hotel, I passed by the downtown area and had to stop for this photo of the state house rotunda. Posted by Picasa

Jeanine is always happy when she gets to spend time with her sisters. Today’s outing was a real treat for everyone. Posted by Picasa

As we were leaving I got a really good close up of a very big bumble bee. Posted by Picasa

Despite being quite soggy by the end of our visit a good time was had by all. Posted by Picasa

The kids, and I include Erica in that group, seemed more interested in redirecting the flow of water from the garden’s fountains than enjoying the botany. Posted by Picasa

After the butterflys we moved outdoors to enjoy the gardens which were magnificent. Posted by Picasa

Each butterfly seemed more magnificent than the next. The coloration on this one was a near perfect match for the plant it favored. Posted by Picasa

Butterflys have a miniature trunk like appendage which they unroll to feed on nectar with. Click on the photo for a closer view. Posted by Picasa