Christine with a good grip on Drew preventing his investigation of all things dangerous.

Cousin Edward was the only adult willing to brave the chilly water. He is competing regularly in triathalons and has the physique to prove it.

Anita the quintessential hostess, leads the second wave of beach combers to the water.

The Quinn family was in fine form as we ventured down to the beach (2 blocks away).

Frank & Angela made it in for the day and returned to Concord with us.

Several peacocks are among the menagerie of pets/potential dinner ingredients kept on premise.

Tony demonstrated how to carve a watermellon and I fear that I will not get to eat the next few watermellons that make it into our house.

Jeanine didn’t take long to long to latch onto Drew, Christine’s new baby.

We spent yesterday in Old Lyme, CT with Anita, Tony, and extended family attending a Fourth of July/family reunion. Naturally the food was exquisite and featured this little porker.

Play continued throughout the day and was only interrupted for air traffic (we were set up just off the runway of a small airfield).

Nicolai takes a break between matches and offers the canine mascots food for tricks.

Unfortuanately, I have seen the future and it is disconcerting. On the positive side, Maya seems to be in control of the situation.

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