Martha’s Vineyard also features several wild turkeys which I was lucky enough to sneak up on.

On the way home I was able to get a shot of the Osprey that nests at the entrance to the parking lot. I estimate his wingspan was three feet.

Football was the other major passtime. Despite the great defensive effort by Kyle, Nico completes the reception for a touchdown.

Between excursions into the ocean sand construction was the order of the day. Nicolai sitting neck deep in a hole he excavated.

Jeanine was in the water for less than a minute before being totally knocked off her feet.

Maya was fearless as usual. We had to keep an eye on her at all times because the waves were huge and the under tow very strong.

Today we spent the day on the beach at Long Point. The waves averaged three feet with an occassional five footer.

After dinner we went to down town Vineyard Haven for ice cream and book shopping.

Jeanine, Irene, and Eric helped prepare dinner which included a wonderful tomato salad, grilled shrimp and pork.

Later in the day Maya and Sachi set up a Lemonade and Craft stand. They made several dollars using a variety of aggressive sales tactics. Here the eye an unsuspecting future customer. Saying no to these two girls was simply not an option for most passers by.

Today Nicolai did not feel well so I stayed home with him while the rest of the crew went sea kayaking on Chappaquiddick. Nicolai polished off the latest Harry Potter book.

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