Unsafe Storage

2014-10-17 103544 279

Nicolai arrived in Colorado Springs today only to discover that all his stored belongings and academic research materials were discarded by the landlord of the home where they were being stored.  He lost all his clothes, furnishings, books, and his research journals (needed for his final project). He had stored these items in a garage being rented by four fellow students along with all of their similar belongings.  The landlord mistakenly assumed that all of these items were left behind by the former renters and called a service to have them removed so the place would be ready for the new tenants.  We are still waiting to learn if some of the items can be recovered and what restitution the landlord intends to make.  In the meantime, Jeanine prepared a care package with some essentials and I mailed it to Nico this afternoon.