The Galapagos

Maya and I woke up at 4:15AM to catch an early flight to Guayaquil en route to Baltra Island where our Galapagos adventure is set to begin. During the flight it was hard to decide which view was more impressive, the one from above the clouds or from below.

When we arrived in the Galapagos we were met by our guide and introduced to the other 14 guests that we will be sharing a catamaran with for the next week; a family of 8, a family of 3 plus boyfriend and one couple.

We were underway in no time and Maya was quick to assume the Titanic pose as we set off for Las Bachas Beach on Santa Cruz.

Our first wildlife encounter (not counting seabirds) was with the Sally Lightfoot Crab.  There must have been ten thousand of them covering the rocks on the beach. The second photo is of two crabs in the process of making more crabs.

Next our guide spotted several Marine Iguanas. It was an exciting way to start our voyage.

For Caleb:  Maya has coerced the other guests on the ship to relinquish their complimentary postcards so that she may write you daily. Below she is in the process of writing the first.