Bald Eagle Bounty

I arrived at the Conowingo Dam by 9am.  It was raining lightly and the sky was overcast.  More importantly, a few eagles were still fishing.  I captured a dozen or so really nice images making the entire trip worthwhile.  My only regret is that I sold my 800mm telephoto lens a few years back.  It would have been a far better choice than my 400mm given how far from shore the eagles were.  Some would return to the tree tops on my side of the river to enjoy their breakfast giving me a chance to photograph them at a reasonable distance as they flew past.

By 11am the action was over so I ventured up river to visit the site of Lock 12, the most well preserved of the Susquehanna and Tidewater Canal.

The countryside here and in Pennsylvania is just beautiful. I could have easily spent the entire day roaming about but decided I would head back to Conowingo for another check on the action and then on to Havre de Grace where I spent the night. I managed to reach the Concord Point lighthouse on Chesapeake Bay just as the sun was setting.